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Temperature & Serving

Temperature & Serving

Serving temperature: It is advisable to consume wine at the temperature proposed by the manufacturer and marked on the bottle. In general, the ideal serving temperature is:

  • For dry white and rosé wines are 10-12 degrees Celsius
  • For sweet white and sparkling wines 6-8 degrees Celsius
  • For younger red wines 14-16 degrees Celsius
  • For red aging 16-18 degrees Celsius

Red wines should not be served very cold because  at these temperatures the tannins (red wine components  responsible for the astringent taste), cause a rather unpleasant feeling and hide their aroma.

Secrets of Serving:

  • We always use the traditional wine glass with high stem.
  • Fill the glass up to 1 / 3 of its content and not more
  • We never pour the wine from a height, because then we have loss of aroma but also a clumsy visual image and sound. We bring the neck of the bottle near the glass without touching it and allow the wine to flow gently to the sides of the glass.
  • To prevent soiling  the tablecloth, we spin the bottle slightly as we raise it so the last drop of wine does not
  • spill.
    It is easier and faster to use a champagne bowl with ice cubes or insulated container, than to put the wine in the refrigerator to maintain the desired temperature. Freezing is forbidden as the wine gets the so called "cold shock" and the taste of the wine may be affected. Following the same logic, do not ever put wine on ice.

Serving sequence:

  • The white wines should be served before the red and sweet wines.
  • The lighter wines are best served before the richer wines.
  • The Wine of the main course must be consumed before serving dessert. So the difference in taste will not ruin
  • the good impression formed by the  wine. That is why the French eat cheese before dessert, to "erase" the taste of food in their mouth.
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